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Ptronik offers ODC-202 differential pressure sensors

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ODC-202 differential pressure sensors have been designed to monitor and display the differential pressure across the clean and dirty sides of a dust collector, and are available from Ptronik .

These differential pressure sensors will identify a pre-set high level limit and start a timer until a pre-set low level has been reached, and then stop the sequence.

This ensures the units can deliver effective on demand cleaning for extended bag or cartridge life, and reduce compressed air consumption while improving filter efficiency.

ODC-202 sensors are fitted in an IP65 plastic enclosure that measures 200 x 160 x 135mm, provided with a clear lid for readability.

A 4-20 mA current loop has been installed to allow for external monitoring, with calibrations made at the factory.

Other features of these differential pressure sensors include:

  • a standard supply voltage of 240V AC (with other options available)
  • 250mA fuse
  • 10A-250VAC/10A-30VDC relay contacts
  • pressure range of 0-250mm W/C
  • 20 psi overpressure
  • 0.1% accuracy at 25ºC; and
  • 2 bulkhead fitting pressure connections suitable for 4mm ID and 6mm OD hose.

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