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Ptronik install master dust extraction system PMCc in New Zealand.

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article image MDF board manufacturer’s premises

Ptronik  has recently installed the new Master controller PMCc dust extraction system into an MDF board manufacturer’s premises in New Zealand. The manufacturing plant has used the old dust extraction system PT50 DC for many years and required an upgrade. 

The installation of the dust extraction system was carried out in 2 stages as there were 2 identical baghouses, each containing 80 valves. The first stage (1 baghouse) has been successfully completed and can now be compared to the old dust extraction system PT50DC. 

During the first week, a significant reduction in compressed air usage of 50% with the new PMC master controller dust extraction system was observed, providing a reduction of energy expenditure. The reduction in the compressed air usage is a result of the Differential Pressure system which has been tailored to the production.  

Datalogging, chosen as a major feature for this OMCc, can display the past 12 month’s events that is valuable to ensure that the plant is running at an optimum level. The Datalogging indicates when the baghouses require attention to minimise any shut down time.

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