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Programmable timers for dust collectors

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article image Suitable for manufacturers of dust collection equipment.

P Thomas Electronics design and manufacture a large range of electronic programmable timers for industries requiring air filtration and dust collection.

As well as standard electronic adjustable or programmable timer products for dust collection systems, the company designs and manufactures electronic timer systems for other commercial or industrial special requirements.

Electronic adjustable timers are a solid state sequencer designed to provide an adjustable duration pulse to output drivers in a continuous cycle. The time interval between pulse outputs is set by the STEP potentiometer. The pulse duration is set by the PULSE potentiometer. Each output has LED indication.

Electronic programmable timers are solid state sequencers designed to provide an adjustable pulse to control the pulse valves on reverse jet dust collectors. Programmable timer functions include number of outputs, on time, off time and clean-up cycle.

The different timers have a range functions that have one or more of the following options:

* Push Button Programmable Sequencers from 1 to 50 outputs

* Different input and output voltages, ac and dc

* Continuous cycle

* On time cycle 10ms to 990ms in 10ms steps

* Off time cycles 1 to 999 seconds, in one second steps

* Clean up cycle 0 to 255.

Applications include supply of electronic adjustable or programmable timers to manufacturers of dust collection equipment, new or replacement programmable timers directly to the mining industry, wood workshops and cabinet makers.

P Thomas electronic adjustable and programmable timers can be used within the company’s dust collection controllers in a combination to solve air filtration or dust collection needs.

P Thomas Electronics can custom design electronic adjustable or programmable timers for industries other than dust control such as:

* Special projects requiring development in electronic timing or control systems in any industry or commercial venture of a new product.

* Air filtration control system for spray booths.

* Healthcare industry medical equipment and devices.

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