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New programmable sequencer for dust collectors

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IN reverse jet pulse dust collectors, the ST10AC sequencer is designed to operate the pilot valves.

Available from P Thomas Electronics , it directly replaces the well-known PT10 timer. There are new features added to control the dust collector.

This low cost controller is easily programmed and all input and output functions are indicated by LEDs.

Features include:

* Code protection

* 10 outputs (up to 50 outputs with EXT.board)

* Incremental or arbitrary sequence to energise pilot valves

* On time: 10ms to 990ms

* Off time: 1s to 999s

* Off time 2: 1s to 999s

* Clean up: up to 255 cycles

Inputs include:

* Aux. input

* Fast cycle for faster cleaning

* D.P. switch (diff. pressure) interrupt

* D.P. switch (diff. pressure) full cycle

* Input voltage: 110 to 240VAC (other voltages are available)

Outputs include:

* Plug in output terminals to pilot solenoid valves

* Relay alarm (output) to indicate operational function of controller or running feedback

* Output voltage: 110 to 240VAC (other voltages are available)

All input and output connections are made by plug-in terminals to save time and avoid wrong wiring at the maintenance level. Enclosure is available on request.

The ST10AC dimensions are 250mm long, 150mm wide and 70mm high.

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