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Dust Extractor, PMC master controller

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The cost saving measures are one important part of the pMC, but the technology is an other good feature of the pMC. It can detect the mechanical fault on a particular valve and detect on a particular solenoid the electronic fault on the coil. The pMC has the facility to extend up to 250 valves. There are seven external inputs available to connect to sensors of a specific need.

The pMC comes with optional data logging. The data logging gives you the opportunity to go back twelve months and monitor all events to diagnose the eventual issues with the dust collector. The pMC can be fitted with remote monitoring diagnostic and control via the internet. The remote ongoing monitoring opens up an opportunity to offer customers a service agreement contract.  

An extension to the internet connection is the wireless option. The system has an operational radius of up to one kilometre. The pMC can be fitted with the following optional sensors: Header pressure, hopper temperature, hopper level, dust particles and moisture.  

As Ptronik manufactures in house, they are able to accommodate most other request for sensors. The pMC is Australian made and we can therefore be customised to client needs.

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