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Knee pads available from Pryme

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Pryme  distribute an extensive range of workplace safety products including knee pads, back support products, lens care products, safety clothing, personal cooling products and skin care products. The range of knee pad brands and models supplied by Pryme include Gel Flex, Soft, Comfort, Robo, Ultra, Max and contour, welding and leather knee pads. Gel Flex knee pads are available with abrasion-resistant rubber caps and silica gel insert cushions. Knee caps can be used for protecting knees from dispersing pressure caused due to hours of kneeling works. The Velcro closures and nylon reinforced elastic dual straps of the Gel Flex knee pads provide durability and stability to the knee pads.

The leather knee pads supplied by Pryme are suitable for use by welders and construction workers. Leather knee pads have tough abrasion-resistant and heat and fire resistant features. Welding knee pads offer maximum protection against flying sparks in industrial environments. The knee caps of the welding knee pads distributed by Pryme are made from non-marking polyurethane materials. Pryme’s Flex model of knee pads is suitable for hard non-slip surfaces and for gruelling deep knee works.

The Ultra Flex model of knee pads distributed by Pryme is available in water resistant and light weight designs. Ultra Flex knee pads come with inner rubber foams.

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