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Industrial rehydration products from Pryme

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Pryme  offer supply services for a range of industrial rehydration and electrolyte replacement products. Sqwincher is a fast hydration drink that helps in reducing fatigue and heat related accidents in industrial workplaces. The range of electrolyte replacement products supplied by Pryme includes Sqwincher range of concentrates, fast packs, qwik stiks and sqweeze pops. The Sqwincher quick stiks from Pryme are available in lemonade, fruit punch, mixed berry and orange flavours. Fast hydration drinks prepared using Sqwincher quick stiks are free from caffeine and are low in salt. Rehydration drinks can be used as health alternatives to coffee and other drinks.

The Sqwincher concentrates distributed by Pryme are available in 2 litre bottles. By using 2l of Sqwincher concentrates about 20l of electrolyte replacement drinks can be prepared. The Sqwincher fast packs supplied by Pryme are available in tropical and orange flavours. Sqwincher fast packs are suitable for mobile workers. Each Sqwincher fast pack can be used for making 180ml of rehydration drink. The Sqwincher coolers supplied by Pryme are available in 40l, 20l and 11l models.

The Sqwincher model of industrial coolers can be used for keeping fluids cold. Sqwincher coolers are available in plastic rust proof constructions.

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