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POLYMETRON SA, represented by Pryde Measurement , provides innovative technology and services for the water quality within the world's pharmaceutical industry.

Every pharmaceutical manufacturing process uses huge quantities of water in cooling, preparations, filtration, etc., and the quality of the water needs to be monitored on-line for such parameters as pH, conductivity, turbidity and TOC by a variety of analysers.

Pharmaceutical water monitoring requires accurate and validated non-temperature compensated conductivity measurement.

Polymetron offers conductivity probes and transmitters that meet the requirements for USP24, and supplies all conformity certificates required during the validation of ultra pure water systems.

In addition, inductive conductivity measurements are used to monitor the resin regeneration in water treatment plants and also the Cleaning in Place processes (CIP).

Production installations are periodically cleaned with special solution. In order to assure consistently high cleaning efficiency, continuous on line monitoring and control is essential.

The Polymetron conductivity probes serve to control CIP processes and can withstand sterilisation cycles during the Sterilisation in Place processes (SIP).

Polymetron products can prevent corrosion or contamination of the final product and reduce the waste water treatment burden - these all combine to ensure maximum plant availability and reduced maintenance intervals.

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