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Servomex’s 2700C gas analyser available from Pryde Measurement

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article image Servomex’s 2700C gas analyser

As part of Servomex’s ongoing development programme, the company is launching the 2700C gas analyser, the new product in combustion gas analysers.

The 2700C gas analyser is available from Pryde Measurement and it replaces the 2700B gas analyser. The 2700C gas analyser has been developed specifically to meet the growing need for efficiency in the power generation and process industries.

The optimisation of the combustion process is critical to effective plant operation, as it allows significant reduction in fuel costs, while improving the environmental impact of the plant. However, providing the correct data for efficiency optimisation requires rapid response gas measurement.

For this reason, the Servomex 2700C analyser is fitted with a zirconia based oxygen sensor, capable of operating under the harsh conditions found in the power industry, and a patented ‘thick film’ combustibles sensor, which can measure changes in the concentration of CO equivalents of less than 10ppm.

These tough yet sensitive sensors allow the fast and simultaneous analysis of O2 and CO without the need for a sample system. Both the sensors are located close to the gas stream yet are virtually immune to the corrosive and dusty sample as well as the excessive vibration found in power stations.

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