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Pryde Measurement offers MAP Check 3 online gas analysers

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article image MAP Check 3 online gas analysers can help to improve reliability and efficiency while eliminating excess gas usage

MAP Check 3 online gas analysers, now available locally from Pryde Measurement , are precise instruments that have been designed to eliminate the problem of excess gas usage in gas packaging machines, helping to reduce overall production costs.

An advanced GasSave function means that these gas analysers can simultaneously monitor gas content on a vertical or horizontal flow packaging machine, while providing real-time control of package flushing. This can result in a decrease in gas consumption of up to 20-50%.

Reliability and efficiency can also be improved by using Map Check 3 gas analysers, due to the fact that quality assurance is carried out online. This ensures that every package is tested far more quickly and efficiently than with manual, random offline quality control. If a problem does arise, production stops automatically, helping to avoid recalls or the need to repack entire batches.

MAP Check 3 online gas analysers also feature:

  • a 5" colour touch screen
  • improved data logging capabilities with USB, Ethernet and TCP Modbus
  • the ability to control a MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer; and
  • an optional built-in GasSave flow controller.

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