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Packaging film oxygen permeability tester

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THE new PBI Dansensor OPT-5000 tester, available from Pryde Measurement , has been specifically developed to provide a reliable testing method to measure oxygen permeability of both low and high permeability films.

With its broad testing range and its ease of operation, the OPT-5000 is extremely versatile both in terms of application and suitability, whether it is for advanced research in the laboratory or for quality control in production settings.

It is suitable for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

The oxygen permeability tester features an extremely sensitive and fast responding, ceramic oxygen sensor which measures an increase of the partial pressure difference of oxygen.

The test sample is affixed to a self-adhesive sample card which, when inserted into the tester, separates the upper and lower chambers. The upper chamber contains an atmosphere with a fixed and known concentration of oxygen, while the lower chamber contains an oxygen-free atmosphere.

The oxygen permeability is determined by the difference between the measured oxygen concentrations in the gas stream passing through the chamber, and the gas stream bypassing the chamber. The result is calculated into ml/m2/24hrs.

The OPT-5000 is capable of testing a broad range of oxygen permeability values from 0.1 to 10ml/m2/24hrs. By using sample area reduction cards, the upper range can be extended to 200ml/m2/24hrs.

The OPT-5000 offers an optimised humidification system which provides precise control of humidity of test gas and carrier gas streams. It uses a rugged, durable Oxygen Zirconium sensor that has a lifetime of five years or more in normal conditions and therefore reduces the cost of ownership for the analyser.

For the purpose of documenting the test results, the analyser has a built-in printer. An RS232 connection is also available for live data download of operating data.

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