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Modified atmospheric package leak detector

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article image Cost effective table top system.

THE PBI Dansensor LeakPointer, available from Pryde Measurement , is a new cost effective table top system to detect micro leaks in Modified Atmospheric packages containing CO2.

The portable leak detection system is a non-destructive test system which uses CO2 as trace gas for a leak trace.

The analyser creates a user defined vacuum in the test chamber. In case of a leak, some of the gas in the package will leak out into the chamber.

An increase in the CO2 level in the test measuring chamber indicates that there is a leak in the package and an alarm will be activated.

The micro leak test can be performed on many types of products, eg. meat, seafood, poultry, pasta, bread, cheese, etc., in flexible or non-flexible packages such as milk powder cans.

A monitor module is placed on a front panel for easy operation, from which there is access to setup menus via a touch screen display. The monitor module has a graphical LCD touch screen with backlight to be operated via distinctive symbols (icons).

All test data is gathered for quality control and it is possible to print out test statistics with time and date, or to transfer data to a PC.

When starting up, the system performs a self test and in case of an error in the system, an error message will appear in the display in the language chosen during the setup.

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