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Infrared analyser for gas and liquid

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article image Single-beam, dual wavelength infrared gas analyser.

THE Servomex 2500 infrared gas analyser, available from Pryde Measurement , is a single-beam, dual-wavelength infrared analyser suitable for measuring the concentration of a single infrared-absorbing component in a gas or liquid sample stream.

Each unit is designed, manufactured and tested in a configuration specific to the required measurement and background stream.

The 2500 analyser is certified for hazardous area use, is easy to operate and provides great flexibility to suit virtually every process application and environment. Corrosive, toxic or flammable sample streams can be accommodated.

Servomex Group has recently replaced a 20-year-old Servomex PSA402 gas analyser at RS Biotech Laboratory Equipment in England with the Servomex 2500 infrared analyser.

The Servomex 2500, which RS Biotech uses to calibrate C02 transducers, was commissioned because Servomex could not obtain some of the outsourced spare parts for the PSA402.

RS Biotech manufactures compact C02 incubators for biomedical laboratory markets under the Galaxy name. Each incubator incorporates its own RS Biotech C02 IR Sensor, and this sensor has to be accurately calibrated to ensure that the C02 content of the atmosphere inside the incubator precisely meets specifications.

The top series in the Galaxy range, the Galaxy R Series, has a fully interactive control system, an infrared C02 sensing system and more than 20 model options.

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