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article image Biomass Monitor 220 with probes.

ABER Instruments, represented by Pryde Measurement , has launched the Biomass Monitor 220 range, with improved sensitivity and accuracy, for monitoring early phases of fermentation as will as probes for use in GMP (good manufacturing practice) biopharmaceutical production facilities.

The instruments use radio frequency dielectrics for precise and continuous measurement of biomass concentration in fermenters and cell culture reactors.

Unlike many optical probes, the biomass monitor can be used in highly aerated fermenters with a range of complex media.

An in-situ, steam sterilisable probe allows direct monitoring and recording of the critical phases of each fermentation or culture.

The biomass monitor can be used with yeast, animal, bacterial, fungal and plant cells in suspension and eliminates time-consuming off-line biomass analysis.

So far, Aber has supplied systems to many of the leading brewing and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide including the yeast monitor which is now established as the standard for online yeast concentration measurement.

The breweries find the monitor allows an accurate and consistent amount of yeast to be dosed into each brew and this in turn can provide a more consistent quality of beer.

The quality of beer produced in many nations depends on high-tech monitoring equipment.

Famous brands such as Heineken, Guinness and Budweiser owe their reputation to meticulous attention to the brewing process helped by probes that measure the live yeast cell concentration.

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