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Analysers for the chemical industry

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POLYMETRON SA, represented by Pryde Measurement , produces a wide range of environmental monitoring technologies employed in chemical industries.

In addition to being the largest user of on-stream analysers, the chemical industry employs a very broad range of instruments for on-line water analysis.

The Polymetron pH/ORP instruments are used to monitor the acidity and alkalinity of effluent's or feedstock in the control of neutralisation, acidification or alkylation processes.

The real time data provided gives a true indication of product quality and enables the most efficient use of natural resources and expensive feedstock.

Conductivity serves to monitor or control cooling water, rinsing processes, salt solutions, etc. Increased attention is now being paid to a more efficient control of product yield and effluent discharges.

Polymetron on-line analysers can prevent corrosion and reduce the waste water treatment burden - these all combine to ensure maximum plant availability and reduced maintenance intervals.

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