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New version of leading software brand

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The latest version of ProVec adds greater functionality, intelligent user interface and a wider array of data formats to its already impressive suite of tools.

Four new features are incorporated to provide users with maximum return on their investment.

Firstly, the latest edition comes complete with colour recognition technology that enables colour reduction, separation and specification in 8-bit greyscale, eight and 24-bit colour images to monochrome layers for vectorisation.

Second, the software facilitates user-controlled separation of elements of interest using ProVec's smart layer separation tools.

Thirdly, users are able to import an exceptional variety of image file formats, (approximately 60) including CALS, TIFF, JPEG, and PCX.

Fourth, a greater array of editing tools is available to manage colour images.

The company says ProVec contains a powerful suite of tools that improves productivity, whilst saving users valuable time.

ProVec retains all the best features of the earlier black and white versions, including:

* An easy to use graphical interface

* Streamlined OCR technology

* Versatile multi layer raster separation by pointing or by area.

* Pre-vectorising preview facility

* A comprehensive, yet user friendly wizard style parameter settings

* Powerful raster editor, and

* Batch processing.

ProVec is among the world's premier raster-to-vector software brands, designed for professional users in the AEC, CAD and GIS markets. The unique features built into ProVec make it the most complete, productive, user-friendly vectorisation package obtainable.

ProVec has the added convenience of being a stand-alone product, able to run on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME and XP.

ProVec was first launched internationally over a decade ago, and continues to enhance its global reputation following several product development refinements.

ProVec can vectorise very large files, limited only by available virtual memory. It incorporates a powerful vectorising engine complete with raster editing tools. Including a preview mode (proving to be an extremely popular feature amongst many satisfied customers) to allow safe and speedy experimentation with various raster filtering operations and vectorising parameters in memory prior to vectorisation.

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