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Industrial tags from Protrac iD

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article image 2T8420 Industria tag

For protection against adverse environmental conditions, Protrac iD Industrial Tags are encapsulated in a moulded plastic case and epoxy resin filled for maximum tag protection.

With its rugged construction, the 2T8420 Industria tag is designed for use in harsh environments and heavy duty applications.

The 2T8420 Industria tag is suited for operating on metallic surfaces (or plastics containing a high metal content).

For those extreme applications the 2T8420 Industria tag can be used with an external antenna for maximum transmission of up to 500 meters.

In most applications the mounting and affixing of the industrial tag will be via the mounting holes provided which offers sturdy affixation. VHB type double-sided adhesive tape can also be used in less demanding environments.


  • Actively transmitting 24 x 7
  • High Impact resistant UV stabilised PVC construction
  • Transmission unaffected by materials in the surrounding environment
  • Easily fixed to all surfaces including metal with provided mounting holes
  • Epoxy resin filled for maximum tag protection and rhobustness (IP67)
  • BNC mount for external antenna (1RN050) for maximum transmission in extreme applications
  • Tags attached to road transport, rolling stock and cargo are monitored at up to 220kph
  • Tags are read by fixed, mobile or hand held portable receivers (2R3000)

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