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Asset tracking made easy with RFID tags from Protrac ID

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With Protrac ID , the tracking of assets such as high value items and equipment is made easy, thanks to their RFID tags embedded with tamper, motion and vibration sensors.

Protrac ID RFID tags can greatly benefit the car sales industry. By attaching an RFID tag to a vehicle as soon as it rolls off the assembly line, the vehicle can be tracked from the distribution point to the dealer showroom. The continuous location, stock levels and financial data can also be recorded up until the time the vehicle is sold.

In locations such as museums, hospitals, and IT facilities, these RFID tags can be a highly valuable for asset protection. By attaching RFID tags to high value objects such as museum artworks, hospital medical equipment, and IT equipment, and linking these to the central security system, an alarm can be set up to sound, or exit can be denied to facilitate the locating of the tagged asset.

A further example of applications for Protrac ID RFID tags is to attach them to high value equipment deployed throughout a network, such a mobile phone network. This allows a centralised, real time inventory of equipment for each location. Furthermore, by requiring employees to wear RFID tags in order to gain access to each site, a company can keep track of every maintenance visit and what equipment is removed and by whom.

By attaching an RFID tag to a semi trailer and connecting the reader to the prime mover's GPS/GSM system to provide the identity of the trailer being towed. With this system, the reader can also simultaneously identify hundreds of individually tagged objects transported by a single semi trailer, and tags fitted with temperature sensors are able to provide the temperature of refrigerated loads in real time.

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