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Safer electrical wiring with Protex

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article image The system eliminates over 80% of electrocution risks.

PROTECTELEC has introduced a new concept in electrical safety, the Protex Wiring System. This is a smart wiring system that can eliminate over 80% of electrocution risks in the average household. It can assist with identifying faulty, damaged or misused electrical equipment instantly. The system is not just for new homes, it will also be possible to retro fit the system into existing homes.

According to Protectelec, Protex is different from other conventional systems - it isolates faults faster, protects electrical equipment and provides electrical safety in every area of the home including the bathroom.

"This system represents the next generation in electrical safety by incorporating the Protex Switching Technology with our filtering technology,” said Managing Director of Protectelec, Mr Wayne Callen. “We are able to create what we believe to be the safest electrical system on this planet.”

The power behind the wiring system is the Protex Switching Technology, an advanced electrical safety system that switches and isolates power four times faster and with six times less amps than currently available systems.

A filtering technology eliminates the earth hazard and the Protex Switching Technology detects and isolates faults. By filtering the earth, Protex reduces the electrocution risk by over 80% because most electric shocks occur between the active and earth contact. Incorporating the Protex Switching Technology into a system provides comprehensive electrical safety protection to all classes of electrical appliances.

The Protex Wiring system can also reduce the risk of electrical related fires. In NSW approximately 10% of all fires are caused by electrical faults, with the main contributors being common appliances such as heaters, dishwashers, dryers and ovens. Protex can eliminate some of these risks by isolating electrical faults within 10ms of them occurring.

Restoring power is simply a matter of turning the power-point off and then on again - if the fault is still present the Protex system will continue to isolate the power until the fault is removed.

"The advantage of the Protex Technologies is that they are small, fast and cost effective so they can be built into every power-point of the home, maximising electrical safety protection," said Mr Callen.

"We are passionate about bringing electrical safety to everyone, especially the 30% of Australian households that don't currently have any safety protection.”

Protex technical data:

* Protex switches electricity in 10ms (RCD up to 40ms)

* Cuts the fault at 6mA (RCD set at 30mA)

* Size of a match box

* No earth and therefore no earth faults and problems

* There is no sparking or arching

* It does not use power until a fault is detected

* Can be waterproofed

* Highly durable

* No mains fluctuation effect

The Protex Wiring System and the Protex Switching Technologies will be showcased at Electrix 2005. Electrix will be held from 13 - 15 September at the Sydney Olympic Showground. Protectelec will be at stand i36.

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