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Protex now Australian Standards approved

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article image A Protex device.

AFTER four years in testing and development, Protex is now an Australian Standards approved electrical safety application.

In early March Protectelec received Type Certification from SAI Global for Protex, approving it for sale inside electrical equipment such as inverters.

This is a major achievement for Protectelec. The company worked tirelessly with the testing facility and SAI Global to obtain product approval.

After celebrating this success, Protectelec is now forging ahead in the Australian inverter market.

The company will shortly meet with several Australian inverter manufacturers to demonstrate Protex with the aim of securing an Australian partner.

Protectelec is hopeful of having an Australian inverter available for sale in quarter three this year.

As part of its involvement in the federal government's commercialisation program, COMET, Protectelec has established a relationship with a local contract manufacturer, SRM, to produce the first units.

Protex has the support of The Hon. Bob Baldwin MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources.

Protectelec sees this as another example of Australian innovation that has the potential to change the market place and improve electrical safety.

Protex is a revolutionary electrical protection device that is built into equipment to protect it from electrical damage.

Protex is cost effective, lightweight and can easily be manufactured into electrical appliances, inverters and generators.

Inverters are used to convert dc battery power into ac electricity.

Inverters are increasingly popular as a lightweight, portable and convenient power supply.

Inverters are used on building sites, in caravans and aboard boats.

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