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INTRODUCING Protex, the latest in DC Electrical Safety for inverters, installed during manufacture. Developed by electrical safety specialists Protectelec , Protex is Standards approved, fast and designed for tough work conditions.

Designed to be installed into inverters during manufacture the Protex Inverter electrical protection system is fast and economical. Features include:

* Double pole or fail safe unit

* Detects AC and DC fault voltages from isolated and double insulated inverter out put

* Prevents electric shock and protects connected equipment from electrical damage

* Small and encased in black thermo plastic for easy installation

Inverter manufacturers are invited to contact Protectelec to arrange a demonstration. For those in the market for an inverter, it is wise to ask suppliers to ensure that it is protected by the latest in electrical safety.

Protectelec is currently developing an inverter protection system that can be retro fitted to existing isolated and double insulated inverters.

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