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Test tags and ribbons from ProTag

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ProTag  is well-known for manufacturing a comprehensive range of high quality test tags and ribbons. These test tags are highly durable synthetic test tags that have permanent adhesives. The roll of a ProTag printer has normally five hundred tags and Optima printers have two hundred and fifty tags per roll. These test tags are available in six different colours at ProTag with a clear overlay and are ideal to be used in heavy industrial environments.

These test tags from ProTag are highly cost effective and can also be customised as per the requirements of the users. These test tags can be used easily by printing, peeling them off or wrapping them around the cord. It is also easy to attach a test tag from ProTag to any appliance.

ProTag’s test tags are tamper evident and fool proof because ProTag generates these test tags directly from the tester’s test results. These test tags from ProTag are known for providing accuracy. It is easy to print these test tags with appliance number, test date, test status, user name and next test date directly from the tester’s memory. The test tags from ProTag can be customised according to the customer’s logo file.

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