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Online organisational chart creation software from Prospecta Software

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Prospecta Software  offers OrgChartOnline software which helps employees view and maintain the organisational charts with the help of web-based interface that can be used easily. Prospecta Software understands that organisational charts in an organisation provide great visibility and flexibility to look into related data and help employees understand the corporate strategies and structure properly.

Great visibility and access provided by OrgChartonline from Prospecta Software enable employees increase the efficiency and accuracy of data for HR administrators and managers. This further facilitates them in the decision making process and help managing workflows. This software creates efficient corporate organisational charts that are based on the structure of the organisation using organisational HRMS, HRIS (SAP HR, PeopleSoft) or custom HR databases.

OrgChartOnline software from Prospecta Software is ideal to be used for head counting, obtaining information about the qualifications of the employees, hierarchical view of an organisation, employee directory creation, maintenance and many other applications and functions.

This software can create a graphical presentation of entire organisational structure, customised templates for a wide variety of views and layouts, different organisational structure, reports, and provides great flexibility and visibility into employee’s profile, contact and qualification details.

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