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Medical and dental equipment sharpening

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PROSHARP is a sharpening specialist that sharpens all types of medical and dental equipment, and has two technicians qualified to sharpen medical and dental instruments, as well as podiatry equipment.

Both were trained in the United States and are qualified to sharpen, re-tip, re-align or adjust all types medical and dental equipment including surgical scissors, nail clippers, nippers, orthodontic wire cutters, pliers, elevators, rongeurs, excavators, scalers, curettes, forceps, needle holders, osteotomes, and bone cutters.

In fact, almost any piece of medical or dental equipment that can be sharpened.

The sharpening facility is set up with many different machines designed for all types of jobs whether it is machine honing, hand honing or a hand filing process. All care is taken to remove any burrs on the cutting edges and to return the cutting angles to the original angles and finishes. Properly maintained instruments last longer and are easier to use.

The state of the art machinery used for sharpening removes minimal amounts of material, which allows more accuracy and speed on the users behalf and prolongs the life of your instruments.

All work is carried out in a timely mannner and to the satisfaction of customers. Goods can be left for sharpening at a number of locations in NSW from the Central Coast to Coffs Harbour and out to Tamworth and Armidale or can be sent via the post or courier with a turnaround time usually within seven days.

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