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First Australian-made system for Zip-Pak slider

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article image The new resealable Standa pouch.

PROPAC Industrial Pty Ltd together with Zip-Pak, a leading global resealable technology provider, have introduced the first Australian-made Zip-Pak slider system at the recent AUSPACK 2005.

The Propac vertical/form/fill/seal (VFFS) model 90-D machine produces resealable Standa pouches with consumer-preferred slider zipper technology.

Propac incorporated technology from Zip-Pak’s AMI equipment division to develop a new zipper applicator for the 90-D.

The new Standa pouch is a large, resealable bottom-gusseted pouch with a flat instead of curved base, suited for larger packages.

Designed for packages up to 300mm wide and 450mm tall and carrying between 500g to 5kg, the Standa package can be used as an eye-catching platform for marketing graphics and brand messaging for products sold in the large-size pouch.

Standa pouches have full-mouth openings and slider zippers at the top for easy access to contents.

“We designed the Standa pouch specifically to incorporate a Slider zipper with a consumer-preferred slider clip that young and old can use to open and reseal the pouch with ease,” said technical director at Propac, Craig Pullen.

In addition to creating Standa pouches, the versatile 90-D can also create Doy-style stand-up packages using low-density polyethylene, an improvement over older systems that could only use laminated film. The machine can also be quickly converted in only 40 minutes to run 3-sided, 4-sided, pillow and bottom-gusseted packages, with either press-to-close or slider zippers.

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