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Steamships Trading to implement Pronto Software’s PRONTO-Xi ERP product

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Steamships Trading Company Limited, Papua New Guinea’s (PNGs) premier trading company will implement PRONTO-Xi, the flagship ERP product from Australian vendor Pronto Software.

Steamships Trading, which is listed on the Port Moresby and Australian Stock exchanges, is one of the big private sector employers in PNG, with a workforce of over 2500 and interests in hotels, shipping, transport, properties, manufacturing and hardware.

According to Steamships Trading, the changing nature of its business triggered a review of its software requirements a few years ago. Steamships’ strategic objective is to provide each business unit the operational control they need to effectively manage themselves, while capturing the requisite financial information for corporate reporting and governance. In addition, Steamships needs to allow for flexibility in terms of acquisitions and divestments.

Steamships were familiar with PRONTO-Xi from an implementation at Datec PNG, a joint venture subsidiary. Datec was considered a pilot for this project after further investigation showed that PRONTO-Xi is able to meet the company’s strategic objectives.

In particular, PRONTO-Xi is proven to scale, has functionality appropriate for Steamships’ business units and the reporting processes required to meet its business needs. Datec demonstrated a strong business case to implement PRONTO-Xi and exceptionally positive cost-benefit ratio.

According to Pronto Software, while Datec was a great project, Steamships still undertook a rigorous evaluation process to ensure PRONTO-Xi was the fit for the wider group. Pronto Software’s exceptional local support and PRONTO-Xi’s demonstrated return on investment were instrumental in securing the deal for it. There is no doubt that this endorsement from Steamships cements its position as PNG’s marketing leading ERP vendor.

According to Christopher Raper, the solution offered by Pronto Software allows it to add newly acquired divisions with minimal business impact. Steamships’ business needs were thoroughly reviewed and met by the Pronto team, and Steamships is confident of a lasting partnership with the company.

According to Pronto Software, its success with Steamships is no fluke. Pronto Software has diligently and actively engaged PNG customers on their terms, and Pronto Software’s position as market leader is the result of exceptional service, both pre and post sales.

Pronto Software is the only ERP vendor, who has taken the time and made the effort to build a strong operational understanding of PNG’s cultural and business requirements. As with all Pronto Software’s PNG customers, it looks forward to providing Steamships Trading with outstanding support as they evolve and grow.

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