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Pronto software introduce PRONTO-Xi Inventory Management

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PRONTO-Xi Inventory Management, available from Pronto Software provides flexibility according to the requirements of a broad range of industries. It is the platform for PRONTO-Xi sales orders and purchase orders, and is fully integrated with the general ledger.

By using the PRONTO-Xi Inventory Management, users can have complete stock visibility and can track their inventory by warehouse for recording of quantity, movement and other relevant information. It prepares the console to inventory changes that result from processing in other areas of business such as sales orders, purchase orders and manufacturing.

The following are the PRONTO-Xi Inventory Management attributes:

  • Multiple warehouses, suppliers and prices per item
  • Multiple Units of Measure (UOM) and full First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Inventory catalogue and support for GS1, SKU and PLU barcodes
  • Standard, average, FIFO, actual and replacement costing
  • Serial number and lot tracking
  • Item licenses
  • Full stocktake/cycle counting
  • Interactive image display for products
  • Automated reordering and replenishment
The PRONTO-Xi Inventory master record maintains all the information and transaction history of an item. To create or maintain an item, individuals can use the main inventory maintenance screen or industry specific screens. Chemical, paper, retail, wholesale distribution, timber and mining are some of the industries with specialised maintenance screens.

The PRONTO-Xi Inventory Management supports different types of items such as:

Stocked or Standard – This is a normal, saleable item that is typically purchased, but can also be manufactured.

Kit – This is a combination of normal items that together make up a single SKU for sale to customers.

Raw Materials – These items are not saleable and they do not have a Bill of Material (BOM). They can be transferred using a transfer sales order.

Manufactured – These items are manufactured. They typically have components, a Bill of Material (BOM) and routings and are generally managed through PRONTO-Xi manufacturing operations.

Labour – These items cannot have a warehouse record as they are used to cost the labour in BOM or Kits as component items.

Indent – These items are not held in stock, but are ordered from the suppliers on demand as the customers purchase them.

Specials – Typically, these items are not controlled as stock. A supplier record is required, but there is no warehouse record because they are typically used for expense items such as consumables, electricity and water.

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