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Pronto Software to launch Task Intelligence capability at CeBIT

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Pronto Software , an Australian developer of enterprise software solutions, will launch Task Intelligence, a next generation ERP feature that enables growing SME’s to manage critical tasks quickly and more efficiently, at ICT tradeshow CeBIT Australia.

An extension of PRONTO-Xi’s Alert Intelligence capability, Task Intelligence reduces the administrative overload for business managers by automating the follow-up of critical business tasks.

It assigns To-Do items for a high priority action that needs to be performed within PRONTO-Xi, providing good workflow support.

Managers can define how a user is notified when a task has been assigned to them, the time required to complete the task, the priority of the task (on a 10 point scale), how and when reminders should be sent and when a task has been escalated.

For example, a reminder to review or approve a Purchase Order (PO) within a set time such as six hours is triggered from PRONTO-Xi, with a hyperlink embedded in an email linking to the relevant PO. If it’s not approved within the set time frame, another nominated person (such as a supervisor) is also alerted. Tasks all stay open and visible until completed.

Task Intelligence also ensures compliance to service/contractual agreements, giving business owners peace of mind, knowing critical business tasks are being completed and follow up.

Pronto Software’s Senior Marketing Manager, Paul Goepfert said, “Task Intelligence offers SME’s the power and benefit of workflow features without the cost and complexity. It sets the benchmark for simple, effective workflow tools for SME’s.”

Easy to deploy, it features a simple interface and single navigation model that makes setting up and completing the task quick and simple, with no programming skills required.

Other key features and benefits of Task Intelligence include:

  • Hyperlinks embedded in an e-mail link directly back to screens in PRONTO-Xi so that users can act on these tasks quickly without having to navigate through the system
  • A task allocation email listing all tasks and providing drillbacks to the relevant screens in PRONTO-Xi can also be sent to the user
  • Can be used by anybody within a company without the need for IT/programming skills
  • Quick implementation and a low-cost alternative for SMEs

Combined with PRONTO-Xi Alert Intelligence, Task Intelligence is a tool for any IT infrastructure and enhances a company’s ability to improve efficiency and effectiveness in business operations.

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