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Pronto Software release PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution

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Pronto Software  have released a new version of their ERP solution, PRONTO-Xi that enables businesses to improve business processes, boost productivity and achieve rapid ROI on their IT investment. The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution is quick to implement and easy to use. The new version responds to market needs including cost control, business process efficiency, speed to market, corporate governance and improved decision making.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution advantages include integration, functionality and interoperability with the web, mobile devices and external systems. The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution also provides flexibility for customers including the option of software as a service model.

According to Pronto Software, the PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution provides customers with flexibility and personalisation capabilities. The new enterprise intelligence suite enables the users to use the technology the way they want and get the data they want, when they want, without any programming skills.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution can simplify the installation and use of the enterprise software. The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution integrates and streamlines business processes enabling businesses to be in good shape when the economy is down.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution features data intelligence capability which is an addition to PRONTO-Xi enterprise intelligence suite of products such as Alert Intelligence and Task Intelligence. The PRONTO-Xi data intelligence capability offers tools to facilitate the access, display and reporting of PRONTO-Xi data without any programming expertise. With the help of a wizard, users can easily create a data grid, and export the data to a text file or spreadsheet.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution has a Pronto Message Bus, an ‘applistructure’ that enables data to be shared between databases or companies. The PRONTO-Xi Message Bus enables fast data communication while reducing the operational cost of information technology. Following a ‘publish and subscribe’ methodology, information can be synchronised in both directions or published to data subscribers. The PRONTO-Xi Message Bus protects the quality of transmitted information while sending incremental changes, eliminating the need for large scale file transfers.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution also features new web solution with customisable menus and layouts, in-built content management system, integrated payment gateways and compliance with Google Analytics. PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing has been upgraded to improve operational efficiencies and optimise workflow for manufacturers.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution also features the enhanced product configurator tool. This tool streamlines the manufacturing process by allowing different product requirements and components specified by a customer, such as product colour or type to be automatically configured, simplifying order administration.

Electronic Manufacturing Scheduler offers central visibility of workload versus available capacity, allowing users to systematically manage, sequence and optimise work.

PRONTO-Xi Retail helps retailers to maximise operational efficiencies and withstand margin pressures. The changes aim to provide improved scalability and flexible implementations.

The point of sale redundancy leverages the new PRONTO-Xi Message Bus and provides a method of trading when the head office server is unavailable. The point of sale redundancy system keeps remote stores ‘in sync’ with the head office continuously throughout the day, eliminating the need for overnight updates.

The price protection capability allows retailers to manage margins by negotiating arrangements with suppliers for claiming cost price reduction for existing stock. The price protection capability automates and manages the process, providing visibility.

PRONTO-Xi’s supply chain capability meets international compliance standards, providing a view of business processes within a supply chain.

The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution has a iSupplyGlobal feature. It is a GS1net certified Data Integrity and Synchronisation (DIS) module for sharing product information with trading partners that address compliance requirements by retailers and simplify B2B transactions.

Intuitive order entry screens give users the capability to personalise their work environment. The Financials capability of PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution offers users an adaptive environment with a focus on facilitating compliance of regulatory requirements.

An integrated single ‘one size fits all’ consumer tax system for GST, VAT and sales tax is also incorporated in the PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution. It addresses local compliance and consumer tax requirements at an international level with added functionality such as a centralised location for tax detail transactions for easy access, reviews and corrections.

Audit: A core infrastructure feature to build an exceptional, proactive and real-time approach to audit management instead of the traditional paper-based methods. The Audit management menu allows authorised staff to define how audits are archived and viewed. The facilities management features have been enhanced to consolidate more information, making it easier for users to work efficiently.

Service scheduler increases customer service by improving engineer response times and optimises dispatcher efficiency with up-to-date call status and easy engineer allocation. Predictive Q and A is designed to systematically collect data for improving the quality of service provided to customers and for monitoring trends. The PRONTO-Xi Phase 6 ERP solution has a multi-platform capability, so customers can choose suitable hardware and operating system for their businesses.

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