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Electronic trading has long been fraught with challenges posed by incorrect data.

Organisations processing electronic purchase orders, for example, can experience high error rates because the information stored in their customers’ purchasing systems is either inaccurate or out of date.

To address this issue, item data synchronisation is increasingly becoming a standard electronic trading requirement across global supply chains.

The market is being lead by the major retailers, some of whom have announced mandated compliance requirements to their suppliers.

PRONTO Xi iSupplyGlobal, from Pronto Software , is a Data Integrity and Synchronisation (DIS) module for sharing product information with selected trading partners via a GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) compliant data pool such as GS1net in Australia.

Major trading partners would encourage making information available on a GDSN.

Specifically, PRONTO Xi iSupplyGlobal offers:

  • The automation of product information delivery from back office systems to GS1net
  • The ability to comply with major retailer data synchronisation requirements
  • A toolkit to enable appropriate cleansing of product data
  • An integrated PRONTO Xi module
  • Reduced business costs by receiving accurate EDI purchase orders from trading partners

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