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Oldfields uses Pronto Software’s manufacturing ERP software

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Oldfields is known in the professional paint space for its good quality and product range encompassing paint brushes, rollers, spray equipment and painter’s accessories.

In addition to its core operations, Oldfields has a complementary scaffold manufacturing and hire business and garden shed manufacturing and distribution business.

Paul Camillos, Corporate Technology Services consultant at Oldfields says “To retain a competitive edge in the market and to grow significantly, it is important to respond quickly and effectively to customers.

We rely on up to date information and a reliable and responsive communication carrier to ensure that our business retains the advantage that guarantees our success”.

To ensure its information is up to date, Oldfields has built their operations around PRONTO-Xi, Pronto Software’s manufacturing ERP software, connected to its various offices via a high-quality Telstra WAN.

Extended geographical coverage

“Since we have diverse geographic coverage with a physical presence in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, it is important to have real time access to data to allow for informed decision making. With PRONTO-Xi and Telstra Countrywide we are assured of having this access when we need it,” says Camillos.

“PRONTO-Xi allows us to track the movement of products and view orders across all our warehouses in real time, allowing us to meet the expectations of our customers.

This visibility extends to our importing control, where PRONTOXi provides an accurate assessment of landed costs. This is particularly important in the paint applicator division, as it’s a high volume business where margin control is critical”,adds Camillos.

Mobile sales and service

Oldfields has an order turnaround commitment of twenty four hours, which customers consider responsive by industry standards. The company also has an In Full & On Time (IFOT) ratio of 98% with one of its key customers.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Oldfields is now setting itself an aggressive target of same day turnaround to increase customer satisfaction.

“We are looking at innovative solutions like PRONTO-Xi’s Mobility Suite so our sales force can take orders on site and have them sent through to the system immediately, allowing us to process orders without delay.
Additionally, we plan to pilot Pronto’s new Service Mobility, so our Area Managers can add order specifications, record OH&S requirements, account for replacement parts and complete calls as required.

We don’t see why service levels in regional areas should be any less than in major capitals, so we are trialing techniques across our Telstra network to prove that”, says Camillos.

Easy to work with

Oldfields works closely with its partners to achieve its strategic vision. “We believe we have found a winning partnership with Pronto Software. We plan to extend our use of the PRONTO-Xi collaboration suite to include Mobility, iShop and EDI. This is a partnership that is a close fit

with our culture and growth plans. Pronto Software, provides us with excellent support and the tools to deliver superior service to our customers,” says Camillos.

Key benefits:

  • Instant access to data for informed decision making
  • Good landed cost control and visibility
  • Aim for same day customer response
  • Collaborative partnership to help support growth plans

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