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Haymes Paint uses Pronto Software’s manufacturing ERP software

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Hyne Timber services most of eastern Australia from Cairns in Far North Queensland through New South Wales to Melbourne.

As a private company, Hyne Timber has a great advantage in being able to take a long term view in developing its strategy – an essential attribute when operating within the time horizons of the timber industry.

This long term view has resulted in Hyne Timber undertaking a structured consolidation strategy to focus on its key manufacturing and distribution activities, which has included exiting the retail end of the business to focus on key customers.

In addition, Hyne Timber will concentrate on its proven strengths and reputation in production expertise whilst continuing to improve volume and cost efficiencies at its major mills.

Hyne Timber also has a strong focus on the export market and emerging timber products, where Hyne Timber has pioneered environmentally friendly production methods.

Hyne Timber has a well developed IT plan to ensure that the technology utilised adds value to the business. Hyne Timber uses PRONTO-Xi, a manufacturing ERP software from Australian vendor Pronto Software.

Graeme Thomas, Chief Information Officer at Hyne Timber says “We run our business on PRONTO-Xi and have some ancillary software to complement the core services provided by PRONTO-Xi. Because of our focus on appropriate technology, we continuously review the value received to ensure that it supports production efficiency and cost effectiveness, and I am pleased to say that PRONTO-Xi scores highly on both.”

Integration and visibility

Hyne Timber supplies timber from its mills to its own warehouses as well as selling directly to customers.

Thomas says “PRONTO-Xi underpins the manufacturing, sales and inventory effectively. The extensive reports provide the management team with accurate details of what is produced and what is sold to aid decision making.

Production data is automatically fed into PRONTO-Xi, along with pack recording and despatch details. We use RF guns to scan products – and all of this is core functionality.”

Thomas continues “PRONTO-Xi is an integrated and extremely reliable software package. We depend on it completely. It is the heart and soul of our operation.

My team reviews best practise to ensure optimal use of the system. This may sometimes mean re-engineering some of our business processes as well, but at the end of the day the software has to stack up and Pronto has consistently come up with the goods on that front.”

Cut to length for timber success

The timber industry is unique and adopts distinctive processes. The manufacturing of timber involves dissembling the raw product to produce the finished timber product.

Thomas notes that “due to the nature of the business we produce to usage profiles rather than specific orders. We need planning flexibility to maximise recovery, and deliver an appropriate product mix.”

To cater to the industry PRONTO-Xi has been tailored to fit. “When it was initially installed over 10 years ago, we had embarked on a customisation plan to ensure minimumdisruption to our business process.

"The software is extremely flexible and could be tailored to meet our needs. Some of this was done in-house by our development team and the rest was provided by Pronto Software.

At the time, this suited our growing business. Over time PRONTO-Xi has substantially increased in functionality, some of it driven by our unique operational requirements, and we are now reviewing our strategy and operational processes to align ourselves more closely with the core PRONTO-Xi product, which will enable us to upgrade easily”, says Thomas.

Future focus

In keeping with the corporate vision of maximising returns by increasing production rates whilst reducing cost of production, Thomas and his team are undertaking a number of business process projects.

“Along with re-engineering we will review data requirements. We have already identified the need for a business intelligence tool which will help us meaningfully disaggregate the information within PRONTO-Xi,” he says.

Part of the company’s competitive advantage is its reputation for mill efficiencies. Pricing in the timber industry is purely a function of demand and supply and all the major players are price competitive.

“To stay ahead of our competitors we service the export market at both ends of the quality spectrum and develop new market leading products, but it is imperative that we focus on efficiency and PRONTO-Xi provides us with the data required to concentrate on this” Thomas adds.

Easy to work with

“Our business has grown substantially over the last decade.

PRONTO-Xi has been instrumental in supporting that growth. We have a small IT team which provides users with first line support and we have a good relationship with Pronto Software’s Queensland team,” says Thomas.

“System flexibility, the ability to scale as we grow and the support we receive from Pronto enables us to view our vendor as a long term partner. There is no impetus to change because it is a perfect fit with our core business requirements,” he concludes.

Key benefits:

  • PRONTO-Xi offers an integrated view of operations
  • Extensive reports for enhanced decision making
  • Reliability as the system is the heart and soul of operations
  • Tailored to suit the unique needs of the timber industry
  • Ability to support business growth

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