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Getting the most out of asset management software - the modular Pronto Xi Dimensions system

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article image Anvil Mining is a leading copper and silver producer in Congo, with two mines located at Kinsevere and Mutoshi
Previously on Ferret.com.au, we have looked at a range of software solutions for managing and optimising industrial supply chains, including one solution that provides a comprehensive 'whole of life' framework for managing every aspect of asset performance.

Here, we will shift focus a little to look at another 'whole of life' solution through a case study of its successful implementation for an African mining company.

Pronto Software describes Pronto Xi Dimensions as "a system that adapts to your requirements." A modular software suite, it allows users to build functionality around their business, adding modules to the system as soon as they are required.

The software was recently adopted by Anvil Mining, a leading copper and silver producer in Congo, with two mines located at Kinsevere and Mutoshi. The company produced over 41,350 tonnes of copper metal and over one million ounces of silver in 2008.

Given that it has operations in remote areas of Africa that have an unreliable IT infrastructure and comparatively low education levels, Anvil Mining looked to update its IT systems with a business software solution that was robust, flexible and simple to use.

In addition, due to the Global Financial Crisis, expansion plans at the largest Anvil mine, Kinsevere, had to be put on hold. As a result, Anvil was looking to its new IT system to generate efficiencies across its purchasing, productivity and maintenance operations.

Anvil Mining's Senior Business Analyst, Troy Barclay, explained that "in such a challenging financial climate, it was an opportune time to look at our company's processes with a view to increased automation and greater staff efficiency."

“From my point of view, flexibility and ease of use were the keys to achieving these outcomes because we have to comply with Congolese tax and employment regulations, and we need people who aren’t necessarily IT savvy to be able to use the system,” he added.

Pronto provided Anvil Mining with a tailored Pronto Xi solution that includes financials, distribution and maintenance management.  This system helped the company to achieve:
  • greater automation of key business processes
  • more accurate and timely financial reporting that is compliant with Congolese regulations
  • more reliable and comprehensive maintenance scheduling; and
  • improved staff productivity.
Pronto reports that right from its implementation, the solution has performed reliably, even in remote locations.

Mr Barclay notes that Anvil has been very impressed with the robustness of the system, as well as how easy it is to use, adding that "the take-up among our Congolese workers has been impressive, which I think highlights just how user-friendly the Pronto Xi system is."

Using the Pronto Financials, Sales and Purchase Order modules, Anvil has also realised significant productivity improvements. Critical information is delivered on one platform and in real time, eliminating many laborious practices.

"With the click of a button, anyone who is authorised can generate a report that’s completely accurate and up-to-date. It’s improved our budgeting accuracy because everything is integrated and based on real-time data," Mr Barclay added.

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