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Visy Beverage install Pronal OFR anti-pollution stoppers

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Visy Beverage, Sydney, have installed a Pronal OFR anti-pollution stopper from Air Springs Supply as a precaution against industrial waste seeping into a stormwater drain passing through their production site. The rugged 1170mm effective diameter plug which is integral to Visy Beverage’s broader environmental policy was custom fabricated by Pronal. Pronal made the deep sea flotation tanks, which were used to raise wreckage from the ocean liner Titanic 4000m beneath the North Atlantic.

Pronal OFR anti-pollution stopper can be used in the following applications:

  • Building and construction projects (including engineering, electrical and energy utility tasks) to emergency services Food and beverage production
  • Government
  • Materials handling
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and onshore and offshore resources development
  • Mineral processing
  • Primary product processing
  • Petroleum
  • Quarrying
  • Transport workshop
  • Water and waste water developments

The OFR anti-pollution stoppers from Pronal are permanently fitted in water and sewerage lines ready for rapid inflation by remote triggering to quickly stop the pipeline as soon as an emergency arises in industrial, civil and municipal applications. The custom-fabricated Pronal OFR anti-pollution stopper or plug, which can be inflated in minutes, are used by Visy Beverage to prevent accidental spills from trucks or holding tanks that could pass from the drain into nearby creeks leading to wetlands in parks and heritage areas. The Pronal OFR anti-pollution stoppers have been tested to be effective against water-borne spills of common industrial and packaging substances such as solvents, inks, acids and other aggressive substances.

Visy Beverage operate their manufacturing sites and business units through an integrated approach by combining social and financial principles into their operations and products. Pronal OFR anti-pollution stoppers are available in stock sizes to seal pipe diameters from 805mm to 2115mm, with larger sizes and shapes. The Visy Beverage plug was shaped to provide the security of protection specified by them. With an overall length of 1.64m and an effective sealing length of 1300mm, the plug is positioned within the pipe on a central steel axis located by permanent frame.

According to Simon Agar, General Manager, Air Springs Supply, in addition to the actuation method chosen by Visy Beverage, the stoppers can be connected by a gas supply line to an all-weather control panel located nearby, above ground. When an emergency arises, the Pronal OFR anti-pollution stoppers are triggered either by a manual striker or optional electrovalve-piloted control unit. Inflation can be provided in minutes by the gas cylinder method (using nitrogen) or alternatively by connection to pneumatic systems adapted to provide the low maximum inflation pressures in the pipe, which range from 0.2 to 0.5 bar, depending on the pipe diameter. Once inflated, the plugs will act as a barrier to toxic fluid spill or spreading of firefighting water into different pipelines.

Protected by a polyethylene cover to counteract effluents aggression, the range of Pronal OFR stoppers is designed primarily for use with retaining pits but has also been deployed to protect natural waterways from industrial spills. A cost-efficient and easily engineered risk management measure such as the Pronal Plug fits into this philosophy and into the needs of a wide range of Australian industry and government groups.

Available in standard cylindrical lengths of 950mm to 2200mm with ovoid, elliptical and other shapes on request, Pronal’s OFR stoppers complement Air Springs Supply’s broader range of Pronal pipe stoppers. For smaller diameter pipes, down to 150mm, Pronal have developed a complementary product called Pollu-Plug, which in its uninflated state is permanently mounted flat and conforming to the arc of the top half of a pipe. Once triggered by remote line, it will expand to fill the entire diameter of the pipe.

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