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Firestone Airstroke Actuators Series available from Pronal

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Pronal introduces Firestone Airstroke Series actuators, which are ideal jacks for heavy weight materials handling, maintenance and machinery tasks. The Firestone Airstroke actuators are particularly useful jacks in working areas with confined space, such as the mining and energy industries.

The Firestone Airstroke actuators offer greater tolerance for side loads caused by misalignment or uneven loads without needing to use a clevis.

The top of the range Firestone Airstroke actuators features triple-convoluted model 348-3s, which can lift more than 40,000 kg each using normal industrial compressed air at 7 bar (100 psi) to provide strokes of up to 350mm from a compact starting height of just 140mm.

The Firestone Airstroke actuators are designed with rugged, fabric-reinforced rubber bellows that are identical in construction to airbags used in suspensions of semi-trailers and express trains. These rubber bellows are used singly or in multiple sets for tasks such as hoisting generators, motors and other heavy machinery for inspections and maintenance, lifting drive tables and conveyor transfer sections and actuating powerful scissors lifts.

The Firestone Airstroke actuators series are available from Pronal and can be used as mobile jacks in maintenance and inspection applications such as lifting draglines, budget dredges and heavy machineries.

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