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Backpacks and printed stickers from Promotional Bags Adelaide

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Promotional Bags Adelaide  provides an extensive range of shopping bags and carry bags that include backpacks, garment bags and suit bags. This company also supplies enviro shopping trolleys as well as stickers and labels. Backpacks from Promotional Bags Adelaide include outdoor trekkers and urban backpackers. Classic backpacks comprise of various features including large zippered main compartment, padded straps, front zippered pocket as well as carry handle. Sports backpack from Promotional Bags Adelaide has single zip closure in conjunction with features including textured polyester as well as deep pocket design. These backpacks are available in navy, black, sandstone as well as silver colours.

Shopping trolleys from Promotional Bags Adelaide have been designed from non woven breathable fabric and available in various colours as well as sizes. Shopping trolleys provided by Promotional Bags Adelaide include suit bags made from heavy duty fabric and comprise of features including quality castor wheels, two free stand metal legs as well as heavy duty Velcro straps.

Promotional Bags Adelaide also offers custom printed stickers as well as labels. Different types of printed stickers include vinyl stickers, paper glossy stickers and poly clear film stickers. Vinyl stickers have been specifically designed for outdoor applications, while paper glossy stickers are ideal for indoor applications.

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