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Fire protection products from Promat Australia

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Promat Australia , an integral part of International Etex Group of Companies is one of the leading manufacturers providing fire protection products. Promat Australia offers an extensive range of boards, glazing products and penetration seals to meet the requirements of large and small projects.

Promat Australia is based over 26 countries world-wide and is committed to research and development for continuous development of products. Promat Australia affords the unique specifier access to technical expertise in its breadth and depth of understanding the performance of products and systems.

Promat Australia offers a wide range of products that includes VICUCLAD vermiculite board, PROMATECT matrix engineered mineral boards, PROMINA matrix engineered mineral board, PROMINA-HD matrix engineered mineral board, PROMATECT cement and steel composite board, PROMATECT 250 fire protection board, PROMATECT 100 fire protection board, intumescent coating, fire collars, PROMASTOP UniCollar, PROMASEAL floor waste system, PROMASTOP AirChoke and PROMASEAL acrylic and silicone sealant.

The other products offered by Promat Australia include PROMASEAL bulkhead sealer system, PROMASTOP cement, PROMASEAL door step, PROMASEAL fyre strip, PROMASEAL graftex, PROMASEAL IBS, PROMASEAL electrical junction seal, PROMASEAL mortar, PROMASEAL pillows, PROMASEAL switchbox intumescent, fire resistant insulated glass and fire resistant non-insulated glass.

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