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Ceiling access panels for building construction fire protection

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According to Promat , access panels and hatches are common and essential elements for daily inspection routines to most E&M services within fire compartments and routine maintenance programmes in most buildings.

Access panels describes wall or ceiling access panels for periodic maintenance or repairs, and are usually mechanically fixed into position. On the other hand, "Hatch" or "Hatches" is applied to wall or ceiling access hatches in regular use and are either hinged or screw fixed.

Choose from the following Promat ceiling access panels:
  • PROMATECT-L ceiling access panel Type 1 - maximum panel size 1200 mm x 600mm
  • PROMATECT-L ceiling access panel Type 2 - maximum panel size 700mm x 700mm
  • PROMATECT-H ceiling access panel - maximum permitted aperture dimension 1000mm width, unlimited length
Promat wall and ceiling access panels and hatches:
  • are approved in a range of sizes and fire resistance
  • offer flexibility for any type of opening in substrates such as walls, floors or ceilings
  • are easy to install 
  • can be finished or decorated to suit the surrounding building elements
  • can be custom made to specified dimensions
  • can be installed on masonry or concrete, drywall partition, suspended ceiling etc. 
The types of fixing for these wall and ceiling access panels and hatches largely depends on the area of application, frequency of carrying out maintenance, appearance and the weight of the panels/hatches.

Hinged hatches are usually pre-fabricated in a standard size of 600mm x 600mm. They can also be custom-made to specified dimensions, depending on size and quantity.

Safety chains are fitted to all panels exceeding 450mm x 450mm in size.

Pre-formed holes in all four sides of the frame are positioned to match wall and ceiling metal structures for secure screw fixing of the panel to the structures.

Screw-fixed panels can be fabricated in-situ and offer ideal flexibility when used in conjunction with Promat fire resistant partitions or ceiling systems.

According to Promat, installed wall and ceiling access panels or hatches should have a fire resistance at least equal to the surrounding structural elements.

Care should also be taken to ensure any gaps between the panel/hatch and the aperture are thoroughly sealed to prevent the passage of hot or cold smoke or gases.

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