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Type DL1000 drum lifters from Prolift Solutions

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Type DL1000 drum lifters available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd are designed for safe handling of 205-litre steel drums.  

Type DL1000 drum lifters can move 205-litre steel drums with 100% security. A dual chain belly strap and eccentric lock is used to quickly clamp the drum into the support while a safety catch prevents accidental release.  

Type DL1000 drum lifters weigh only 60kg and have an SWL of 1000kg.  


  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 1000kg 
  • Load Centre: 1160mm nominal 
  • Unit Weight: 60kg 
  • Pocket Size: 165 x 65mm 
  • Pocket Centres: 335mm 
  • HCG: 710mm 
  • VCG: -25mm

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