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article image Shockmat is used on railway bridges for ballast protection

Projex Group  supplies a range of waterproofing products that offer assured performance on different surfaces and applications.

Sourced from world-leading brands, these waterproofing systems include Wolfin thermoplastic membranes, Shockmat protective matting and Link-Seal pipe sealing products.

Wolfin thermoplastic membranes are primarily used for waterproofing flat roofs and buildings. Suitable for waterproofing roofs of almost any type or material, usually without removing the failed membrane, Wolfin is perfect for balconies, terraces, decks, basements, planter boxes, gutters, bunding, under carpark surfaces and on the joints, under concrete slabs to prevent seepage even under high pressure, on expansion joints, tunnel walls and bunkers, water tanks, fountains and water features, dams and sewage tanks as well as on railway or road bridges.

Wolfin thermoplastic roofing and waterproofing membranes cover more than 60 million square metres in all climatic zones of the planet.

Projex also offers Shockmat, which is made from reclaimed rubber sourced from the tyre industry and bonded together with polyurethanes. Shockmat meets the needs of those requiring a waterproof course that would stand walking or other heavier use but without using tiles, which would be too heavy.

Shockmat is ideal as a protective matting medium and has many commercial and industrial applications. It is also widely used for waterproofing membranes, as a sound reducing medium or on railway bridges for ballast protection. As a membrane protective medium, Shockmat is cheaper and easier to install than tiles or concrete screeds and is installed by simply rolling out. Shockmat ballast mats are available for use on railway bridges.

Projex also offers a US brand called Link-Seal as a solution for sealing pipes that go through walls. Link-Seal provides a range of engineered products designed to be used together, for quickly and easily creating a permanent seal between a cylindrical object and the barrier through which it passes.

Koster is another product introduced by Projex for waterproofing basements or other areas where access is restricted to the external surface. Koster is applied on the inside surface, and interacts with the masonry to form a barrier that will hold large amounts of water.

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