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With the rapid development of the Projecta range and the recent release of the outstanding battery accessory catalogue, an impressive update to the website would naturally follow.

Projecta has made such an update, which will be a valuable sales aid for retailers. It also promises to be an easy search base for end users wanting information on new battery accessories and power products.

The home page illustrates the new releases and provides direct access to products, information on the company, downloads and search options.

Coupled with fast search engines, the site lists ten sections covering products such as battery chargers, booster cables, dual battery systems, solar panels, inverters and vehicle accessories etc.

Search facilities enable the inquirer to simply enter any item of particular interest by part number or description, and this will appear along with full catalogue description, part number and specifications.

There is also a newsletter available via the website, providing information on new products with technical information and helpful hints. There is also a facility to subscribe to the technical newsletters, allowing these to flow through to the users’ automatically without cost, as they are released.

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