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Projecta releases advanced Electronic Dual Battery System

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The booming 4WD and caravan/camping market has lead to increased power demands on vehicle electrical systems. To manage these demands, the ideal solution is to install a secondary/auxiliary battery, or as known to the trade, a dual battery system to assist in running 12V accessories. To manage the dual batteries, a solenoid, diode or electronic isolator must be installed into the vehicle.

Power experts Projecta, has released the advanced, yet user friendly Electronic Dual Battery System (DBS), yet to hit the market. Available in 100 and 150A versions, the Projecta DBS suits all vehicle types, and gives priority charging to the starting battery before connecting the auxiliary. This ensures power is always available to run accessories and start the vehicle. However, Projecta has designed the unit with a manual override for emergency jumpstarting.

Unlike existing systems on the market, Projecta has designed surge protection as an integral part of the unit. Projecta also uses a MCU (Micro Processor Unit) to prevent the DBS isolator from disconnecting, unless the battery voltage is low for more than 1 minute. This prevents the issues found in some DBS systems using VSR’s (Voltage Sensitive Relay), where the isolator frequently switches on and off due to highs and lows in the voltage system, causing poor charging to the auxiliary battery. 

Importantly the electronic isolator does not require any changes to the vehicle’s existing wiring, and can be applied to any 12 volt system. All units are sealed against the ingress of dust and water.

Mounting is made simple with a selection of brackets, heavy duty cables and a comprehensive kit of terminals, etc. A trailer kit version of the 150 amp model is available, where trailer mounted auxiliary batteries are used.

Projecta Dual Battery Systems are now available from distributors, automotive and 4WD outlets throughout Australia.

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