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Projecta diode battery isolators from Narva

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Sometimes regarded as old technology, the solid state diode isolator continues to be in strong demand as the preferred and reliable method of charging dual batteries particularly systems with large auxiliary batteries.

Solid state construction with no moving parts, dual-voltage 12/24volt, completely waterproof and easily mounted, Projecta diode battery isolators, available in 70 and 120 Amps are ideal for marine, 4WD and commercial applications.

The diode isolators allow large auxiliary batteries to be charged with a smaller starting battery when the engine starts as they are independently charged and can not be paralleled at any time. This overcomes the situation of a large auxiliary battery flattening a smaller starting battery during charging and leaving you in the predicament of not having sufficient battery power to start the engine. This is a must for larger boats and off-road adventurers.

With heavy duty switches replaced by solid state electronics, voltage surges are eliminated making the isolators reliable.

According to Projecta, there is also a need to have an understanding of the voltage drop inherent in diode isolators between the input and output terminals which can result in batteries being undercharged. This is why Projecta strongly recommend installation of diode isolators by technical experts.

Vehicles with externally sensed alternators can connect the sensing wire directly from the battery allowing the alternator to produce an extra 0.5V output to compensate for the diode isolator’s voltage drop.

Projecta Diode Isolators are available from leading automotive outlets throughout Australasia and from Narva.

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