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Projecta 4-stage automatic calcium chargers available from Narva

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The introduction of new maintenance-free calcium technology batteries has brought increased performance and reliability. However, battery chargers designed to charge standard lead-acid batteries will not fully charge a calcium content battery.

Modern batteries containing calcium in the battery plates require special charging when deeply discharged or after extensive use. This is necessary to avoid acid stratification in the electrolyte resulting in a low hydrometer reading after being fully charged.

Projecta 4-stage automatic calcium chargers are specially designed to achieve this.

A 4-stage charge, specially designed for calcium batteries, is controlled by way of an MCU chip. Stage one (bulk or constant charge) quickly charges the battery, while stage two, the absorption mode (constant voltage) ensures the battery is thoroughly charged. A third stage is the critical stage for calcium type batteries. It charges the battery to 16 Volts to remove any acid stratification and returns a full hydrometer reading. The final stage in the charging process (float), maintains the battery at a safe voltage ready for use.

The special Projecta MC123140C provides sequential charging of up to three calcium batteries at any time. The logic allows one battery to be charged and maintained fully charged while second and third batteries at various stages of discharge can be charged, until all are fully charged. The technology recognises batteries of differing sizes automatically applying suitable charge rates to each.

Both 4,500mA and 14,000mA chargers from Projecta are now proving a must have for the modern workshop. Designed for heavy duty performance in harsh environments, with metal bodies and toroidal transformers, these chargers provide for the ultimate in reliability when charging modern calcium batteries.

Developed for commercial use, the special Projecta calcium battery chargers are now available from Narva throughout Australasia.

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