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Project management and accounts receivable modules from Profile IT

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The various financial modules offered by Profile IT include fixed assets, accounts receivable, point of sale, HR-OH & S, transaction processing, bas and GST, estimates and quotes, project management, sales invoicing, trust accounting, cash management, general ledger, prospects and CRM, scheduled maintenance, contract administration, inventory management, purchasing, securities and investments, accounts payable, payroll and personnel, rentals and system administration.

The accounts receivable module offered by Profile IT is a fully integrated general ledger and other sub-systems. This financial module has flexible search facilities by account number, name, suburb or town and telephone number. The accounts receivable module maintains diary notes against individual projects and debtors. This module from Profile IT can be fully integrated with marketing and profile prospects.

The project management modules from Profile IT consists of multiple standard code facilities management groups and a flexible user defined coding structure. This module can store financial transaction history for reporting and online enquiry. Project management module carries parallel recording of quantitative values such as physical quantities, labour hours and foreign currencies. It records on-costs by calculating individual transaction by referring to individual cost types or codes.

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