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Profinet sets the standard for communication 'openness'

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On relocating to Australia to join Siemens' factory automation team, Falk Hohmann was perplexed to find that the Ethernet-based communication protocol, Profinet, despite being highly flexible, cost-efficient and high-speed came second to the popular Profibus standard in this region.

While Profibus is the obvious world-leading standard in terms of industrial communication, Falk has also seen firsthand the benefits of using Profinet. After working in some high profile automotive projects including Volkswagen, Daimler and Audi, where Profinet is the de facto industrial communication standard, Falk is convinced that Profinet is the way of the future.

One reason for these companies' preference for Profinet compared to other industrial Ethernet standards is its openness - the ability to integrate a range of third party systems seamlessly into one. This allowed the car manufacturers to mix and match hardware from various vendors, which was a major advantage for their highly elaborate and complex processes. Further, the capabilities of the technology itself are truly impressive, ranging from non real-time application up to highly accurate and deterministic communication within the micro second range.

Falk will be demonstrating how to design, install, configure and maintain a Profinet system, as well as integrate third-party systems into one engineering platform via Profinet at the upcoming Profibus Expo in November 2013.

Falk’s presentation will help bring maintenance electricians, systems integrators and consultants up to speed with the latest Profinet system.

The Profibus Association of Australia (PAA) is one of 25 Regional Associations (RPAs) around the world representing the Profibus International organisation.

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