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Mingara Recreation Club gets serious about software and business intelligence

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Until recently, Mingara Recreation Club relied on a wide range of specialised software applications covering everything from gaming to restaurant management, human resources considerations through to finance. Individually, these applications hold a great deal of data about every aspect of the business. The problem is that few of them “talk” to one another. The information derived for each area remains locked in its own application silo.

At Mingara this meant that a great deal of manual work was required whenever management reports needed to be produced. Data had to be exported from each system, consolidated and de-duplicated before any reports could be generated. Monthly reporting took weeks while ad hoc reporting usually required assistance from the owner of whichever particular system was involved. If that owner happened to be on leave, the report would have to wait until their return.

Integration of Mingara’s software systems and its general ledger was carried out in 2008 using the software tool, Scribe Insight Integration.

When it came time to consider the BI solution, the club selected Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Services. Not only did it offer a good fit for Mingara’s environment but the choice of a Microsoft solution ensured there would be no problems integrating with the club’s financial system, Microsoft Dynamics GP. In addition it provided a means of leveraging the organisation’s existing investment in licences for products including Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server and desktop applications.

To deploy the software and help build the solution they decided to replace Mingara’s previous IT supplier with a new implementation partner – Professional Advantage .

Throughout 2009, Professional Advantage and Mingara set about designing and building the new BI environment. The data warehouse was readied and populated with data from Mingara’s disparate systems. Reports were designed and a portal developed allowing instant access for authorised personnel to view, drill down and query data via the web. Microsoft Excel access was added for those users who required more than standard reports or who preferred to review their information by spreadsheet.

As Mingara’s BI vision evolves, Professional Advantage continues to provide advice and support that is helping to turn that vision into a reality.

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