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Animal Supplies finds an innovative revenue stream with Microsoft Dynamics GP from Professional Advantage

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Animal Supplies, an animal supplies company, opted to use a Microsoft Dynamics GP business software solution, as recommended by Professional Advantage .

“The Microsoft system had everything we required and because of the history with Professional Advantage and the support that we’d received from them, we felt it was probably best to stay with the company that we knew and trusted. They understood precisely how we operated and what we required.” The Microsoft brand reassured management of the longevity of the software while the ready availability of integration for specialist warehouse distribution software, was also an important benefit. " said Christine Garforth, Director of Animal Supplies.

Features and benefits of the business software package include:

  • Increased profitability, due in part to an innovative and unconventional offer to share market analysis with suppliers
  • A feature of the business software package will allow suppliers and vendors to get online and view, sort and use the data in our system that relates to sales of their products
  • This business software package examines sales demand by state, customer, product or type of products
  • The analysis application on the business software package will be invaluable tool for vendors as they prepare advertising and promotional plans, or when seeking to evaluate the territorial performance of their own sales representatives
  • This business software suite offers an online order system which is currently being trialled. The system has replaced the manual data entry of up to 60 orders per day, delivering significant time savings and a reduction in order processing errors
  • Besides freeing up customer service staff the website development will also provide new pricing flexibility for Animal Supplies, enabling daily updates if required
“The feedback from everyone has been very positive,” Garforth concludes. “We are still in the process of taking out manual intervention in some areas of the business but this is just a matter of time and training. Everyone trusts in the system and they are already enjoying what it’s allowing them to achieve.”

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