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Jokab safety relay JSBRT11 from Products For Industry

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Products for Industry install and distribute Jokab Safety Relay JSBRT11. The JSBRT11 safety relay has been designed to provide the safety system circuit designer with the ability to select from both a range of input connection configurations and either automatic or supervised reset.

Features of the safety relay include:

  • The safety relay unit can be hardwire configured to operate in either of several input configurations in single or dual channel to achieve up to safety category 4
  • In addition the unit can also be used to test if contactors and valves have fallen/returned to their ‘reset’ state before a new ‘start’ signal is given
  • The JSBRT11safety relay has dual and monitored internal safety functions
  • Power failure, internal component failures or external interference do not result in a dangerous function
  • When wired for supervised reset, should a short circuit appear across the reset input the relay will not automatically reset when input/inputs are made
  • When the supervised reset input is made and broken, the safety relay will reset
  • The JSBRT11safety relay provides detection of contact failure in the inputs when wired in dual channel mode. Both inputs have to be opened and closed in order to enable the reactivation of the relay

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