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Products for Industry install and distribute Jokab Safety Relay JSBR4. The JSBR4 is a universal safety relay for various safety and two-hand devices. The JSBR4 Safety Relay has two inputs, which both have to be closed to keep the safety output contacts closed.

A short-circuit across the inputs will cause the output contacts to open. The inputs can however be subjected to a continuous short-circuit without damaging the safety relay.

In order to make the safety outputs close the reset input must be closed and opened. In this way an unintentional reset is prevented in the case of a short-circuit in the reset button cable or if the button gets jammed in the actuated position.

Further features:

  • When the JSBR4 is used as a two-hand device relay, both buttons have to be pressed within 0.5 seconds of each other to close the outputs.
  • The JSBR4 Safety Relays operate at the highest safety level for safety relays i.e. category 4.
  • The JSBR4 Safety relay has a twin supervised safety function. Component failure, short-circuit or external disturbance (eg loss of power supply) will not prevent the safe function of the relay.

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